I saw something earlier that literally made me stop and stare! I saw a person offer a two hour LIVE coaching session for NINETEEN DOLLARS! My heart jumped out of my chest just knowing that! Trust me when I say this: all money is not good money! You can go work at a fast food restaurant and make more money in two hours! I realize that it’s in our nature to help people. However, sometimes we simply don’t know how to help people the right way! Even those that are beginners in the coaching field would charge more than that! It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new; if your starting point on your prices is extremely low, it becomes an uphill battle to get them to a decent rate! Not charging your worth not only hurts your own pockets, you hurt everyone else within that industry!


The problem is that society has beaten the creativity out of us. Lets do some quick math. Suppose this person continued to charge $19. With a little creativity, they could have made this a group session at $19 per person. With 20 people, that totals out to $380! Once again, the problem is that society beats creativity out of us from a young age. You’re told to stay in line, follow the rules, and do the same thing that everyone else does. In the entrepreneur field, doing the same thing that everyone else does cost you money! The innovators and pioneers, the ones that are first to the table are the ones making the money! If your lack of creativity is costing you money, let’s look at some ways to reverse that!


  1. Be creative with your pricing structure!

Like it was shown with the coaching example, had that person been creative with the pricing, they would have had more money to work with! Sometimes it’s not always about a flat rate; consider a group pricing, payment plans, and even different tiers within the same product! A one size fits all price will only see you leaving money on the table!




  1. Stop giving away too much sugar for a dime!

The problem that people have is that they’re so busy trying to please people in order to get customers, they give away the entire farm! People will do business with those that they wish to do business with! They will find the money for what is important to them! The way to go is to creatively package your items so that they get a lot, but it doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part!



  1. You’re not creatively utilizing your social media platforms!

You have to stop playing follow the leader with your social media! Success leaves clues, but clues mean that you make it work for you copying the wheel will see that you’ll alienate your target clients!



  1. You need to create more products and services!

I remember the first time I wrote a book. After it started selling, I sat down and said to myself “I’m done.” How am I going to get to a million dollars with one book? Many of you have one product or one service. You need to ask yourself how you’re going to get to a million dollars with just one product; I can guarantee you it will be tough!


When it comes to the creativity aspect, you have to be willing to stand out and lead the way! Scared money doesn’t make money, and following doesn’t make that much money either! You have to stand up in your industry and declare that you’ll do whatever it takes to move yourself to the next level! You’ll eventually be able to learn how to be creative within your industry, but why go through the headache when I’ve already done the work and I can show you how it’s done? Don’t let your creativity stop you from making a big launch!

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