There are far too many of you that are hiding your gifts and playing it small; you owe it to the world to do the opposite! We were all put on this earth to do something, and playing it small is not one of those things! If you’re unaware as to what gifts and talents you may have, it is your obligation to go out into the world and figure it out! In the wake of Mother Nature  bringing about things like Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida, you can’t help but sometimes be faced with your own mortality. With that, you may have to ask yourself some hard questions.


Have you done as much as you can do with your gifts?


Have you done as much as you can do with your voice?


Have you done as much as you can do to serve those that you were put here to help?


I promise you that these questions may hit a little too close to home for some of you. If that’s true, then you know you have work to do! You were put here in the world by the Most High and assigned to serve people! In the process of serving those that you were meant to serve, you don’t have to do it for free; you can serve and help others that you were assigned to help and serve, but have an invoice at the ready! On the opposite end, those that are assigned to serve you should not do so for free either; you have to invest in them to move forward! As human beings, we know that if something comes without a cost, an investment, or having to give something in return, we tend to leave it alone! You can’t hold someone accountable to words or actions without a cost! Being that we know that all things come with a cost, we have a debt to pay. Who do we owe to be great? Keep reading and find out!


  1. You owe it to the world!

Without a doubt we’re living in trying times. However, if you do your part in the world to those that you were assigned to help, perhaps the world would be much better off! I’m a business coach that serves people in the world in getting free from financial struggle and jobs; what I do is not for me! However, I also recognize that in serving the world, the world will take care of me; it’s a quid pro quo. The next person you owe is…



  1. You owe it to your creator!

I’m not here to tell you what or who to believe in. However, we can all agree that we weren’t put in this world to merely take up space. There are few greater honors than serving the world as per your assignment by the Most High, and I can promise that you will not be struggling if you do!




  1. You owe it to your family!

Your parents took care of you and brought you to this point. Your children certainly didn’t ask to be born. In addition, they didn’t ask to struggle either! Whenever you struggle, your family struggles as well; play it big in the world, and that struggle ceases to be! In the wake of these natural disasters, there were many people that chose not to evacuate. There were also people that could not afford to evacuate. My heart breaks for those in the second category, and I’m determined to keep as many people out of that second category as possible! You’re here to serve the world, and your family lives in this world! Last, but not least…



  1. You owe it to those that you were assigned to help!

Take a moment and think about something that you’re good at. Perhaps you’re good at singing, makeup and beauty, real estate, cooking or art. With those gifts and talents, there is somebody in the world that you were assigned to help that is desperately looking for you. You have an answer to their problems that is so beneficial to their life that they’ll happily pay you to solve that problem! If you think that your gifts can’t help those you were assigned to help, think again!


People eat because they’re hungry; those that cook are solving their problem. There are those that wish to buy houses and property, but haven’t a clue where to start; those in the real estate industry solve their problem. You can see where I’m going with this. Your gifts and talents were assigned to solve a specific problem that exists in the world!



You are qualified to help the world with your gifts and talents; please don’t believe anything otherwise! The world is waiting for you to serve so that it may serve you and your family in return! If you need help honing those gifts and talents in order to do that, that’s why I’m here! I wish to do my part in helping the world, and if you’d like to help, as well as help yourself here’s how you can!

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