Scope School June 16, 2016

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Thursday June 16th, 2016 at 8pm CST

First let me start by saying YOU have a VOICE! And that voice is important! What better way to get that voice OUT into the world than via Periscope and FB LIVE Streaming. Experts say that in the next TWO years Video will be the PREFERRED way of marketing and getting new business. Why NOT start NOW and be ahead of that trend. What BETTER way to START than SCOPE SCHOOL!

Why Scope School?

Courage – You don’t have to do IT alone or worry about broadcasting to an empty room. Your NEW classmates along with previous graduates (Scope Scholars) will be offering you support as well as in class PASS the CAST to get you more exposure with your target!
Content – Class is all about helping YOU to create the content YOU need to scope consistently. One of the TOP things I always hear is WHAT do I SCOPE about? Well come to class and you will get that question answered!
Cash – While the number one objective of Scope School is to get you scoping consistently, it still boils down to getting MORE clients and MORE cash. Scope School will show you how.

All for only $39 to save your seat and $39 a week for 10 weeks. A total of 11 payments at $39 a week!
THIS is a STEAL for not only what you will receive but the fact that YOU WILL get started scoping AND be supported while doing it!

Accountability, great information, and connections are definitely available in this course.
Coach Tanya Cherry

I went from NOT scoping at all to feeling prepared to DOMINATE my lane!
Sophia Antionette

Class starts on 6/16 at 8pm and will be EACH Thursday for the next 10 weeks.
How much LONGER can you afford to NOT get your business and your message into the world?

Sample Course Agenda (subject to change based on trends)
This course is designed to sell out so don’t miss your OPPORTUNITY to CATCH this SCOPE TRAIN!
Week 1 – How Periscope works; How Periscope works with OTHER Social Media
Week 2 – Who is your target? What will you Scope about? Let’s Create Content
Week 3 – Naming your Scopes and Using HashTags; How to get people involved
Week 4 – Scope Accountability; Creating a Schedule and being consistent
Week 5 – Scope Formation; Scoping the RIGHT WAY
Week 6 – Product Formation; Creating and Shaping Products for Scope
Week 7 – Scope Teams; Scope Support and Accountability
Week 8 – Recycling Scope Content for other purposes
Week 9 – Scope Marketing; How to Scope around what you have to offer
Week 10 – After the scope; Landing Pages; Mailing List and MORE

The time for making excuses is OVER! If these were some of your PAST excuses then STOP!

Excuses #1 – I don’t know what to scope about; I don’t know if scoping is RELEVENT for my business
Answered: Content – Don’t know what to SCOPE about. This course will help you LEARN how to create SCOPE content EVEN if you have a specialty business

Excuses #2 – I’ll Start Tomorrow…next week…next month
Answered – Accountability – Weekly Check-ins will hold you accountable for doing what so many of you have failed to do so far…GET STARTED

Excuse #3 – I tried scoping and no one would show up
Answered: Collaboration – Opportunity to SUPPORT others as they support YOU so that you don’t have to SCOPE to an empty room

Excuses #4 – I don’t know how to make money on Periscope
Answered: Cash – Education on how to loop your products in to FIRST engage your audience and then to offer them solutions to the problems they have.

Excuses #5 – I just HOP on every now and then
Answered: Content Calendar Creation – Will help YOU identify WHEN to scope in order to be relevant and consistent.

Included in the course:
Scope Content Creation Calendar – Helps you plan your scope topics a month or more in advance
Scope Outline – The Cheat Sheet you need to make scoping the RIGHT way a habit

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