Being different can get you dollars in business

School teaches us to be followers but at some point you have to realize we were all created differently. Commit to doing something different. We have to stop doing the same things and expecting different results.

Commit to doing something different, you are so quick to help everyone else but you won’t help yourself. God has called you to live a purpose and your not doing it because you are afraid. We have stop acting like we weren’t given a gift, everyone was given one. And stop blaming others for why your not using your gift. Step out on this thing called faith and give God a opportunity to work a miracle. When you do it, you may struggle but I promise you it worth it.

Everybody is anointed to do something, he didn’t skip one person. We have to stop sitting there thinking that we are not worthy. Everyone is worthy, very much worthy created in his image. We have to stop procrastinating and start doing, just start.

All things work for your good. Stop with the pity party and just do. God puts us through things for a reason, there is always a reason. It’s time you put you first and do what God put you here to do.

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