Not charging your worth is keeping you broke

All the things we think are tough, is what’s keeping you broke. You shutdown and stop. So if your bank account is not where you want it to be, it’s no ones fault but yours. It’s time you start doing something different.

We have got to realize that our gifts and talents can be equated into dollars and cents. It’s imperative that you realize it. We were taught to serve and bless others but no one taught us to charge. We were taught to sow but not to reap. The bible says, “a workman is worthy of his hire” and “the world will make room for your gifts”.

If you want to make money, youhave got to get outside of our family and friends when building your business. Our friends and family won’t pay you because they know you. There are people out there that will pay you for your gifts/talents but you have to go outside of our immediate circle.

There is a difference between business worth and self worth. Your businesses worth is your education, product, service and the years it took you to learn. That is worth money. Make a price list and stick to it and don’t budge for no one. Self worth is your attitude towards your self worth.

So many people are afraid of money. Stop being afraid of money. When it comes to our business, we are afraid to spend money toward bettering ourselves and our business. When it comes to goals, keep track of our money, nobody wants to do it but this is the most important. You have got to keep track of all your money and don’t be afraid to spend it in order to get to the next level.

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