The more you know about social media, the more money you make! The mystery is that you don’t know what you don’t know. We think we know a lot about social media, but we’re literally just scratching the surface with what’s possible in regards to the revenue we can generate! You also have to be willing to invest into going beyond the surface on social media! There are many different platforms to cover; you can’t expect to just hit the ground running and make money! If you do it that way, you’re either pushy with your products and services, or you don’t offer your products and services at all!


To start, social media isn’t about selling. Social media is about relationships! Social media is about solving problems, so you have to ask yourself “Who has a problem that I can solve with my product?” Once you figure out who you can help, you build a relationship with that audience, and that is how you sell! Bursting onto the scene (or inbox hustling!) saying “buy my stuff!” will see you broke!


You must also consider the platform. Each social media platform has a different culture. Facebook is not Twitter; Twitter is not Instagram; Instagram is not Periscope, and Periscope is not Facebook Live! This is where it helps to have knowledge on how to traverse social media! Again, you don’t know what you don’t know, and the best people in social media invest in social media education!


The bottom line is that social media can earn you money on social media, if you’re properly informed on how to go about it! When your social media IQ goes up, your bank account will increase with it! If you want to see your social media IQ go to the next level along with your finances, invest in making it happen!

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