The name is very simple; I’m going to cuss this time.


If you want a better life, get off your a$$ and make it happen! You’re 100% in control of your own bank account, your own finances, everything! As I’ve said in the past, nobody is coming to save you. It is up to you to save yourself! It is up to you to save your family! I’ll be honest, one of the main reasons that you don’t get off your a$$ is because you don’t ask!


The key to you getting a better life is to open your mouth and ask for help! You have not because you ask not! A closed mouth doesn’t get fed! You can’t move forward because you’re not asking for help, strategy, advice, and you’re not even asking for business! You can definitely start a business without asking for help. The question isn’t in the starting; the question is in the sustaining! Will you be able to sustain a business with no help? This is why a majority of businesses fail in the first year! What happens is people tend to run out into the world and do something they’ve never done, and they refuse to invest in expert information to get it done right! It’s like trying to drive a car without a license or taking classes; it’s just not that easy!


On the flip side, there are many of you that do invest in the help, technology and strategy. However, where it falls short is that you don’t monetize what you have! You may have spent a large amount of money on a website. Yet you have nothing for sale on that website! You have a great looking site, but there are no products on it; you invest to look good, but when are you going to invest to get your money back? In all honesty, if you don’t what to put on a website, why do you have one? People won’t just fall out of the sky into your invoice system because you have a website!


Instead of being all out in the wilderness, who are you asking for help? Again, you have not because you ask not! You’re scared to ask for a bigger house, car, or a better job. You’re looking at your money in your hands, and you’re scared to ask for the next level! Worse than that, you’re too scared to invest! If you want a better life, you have to stop beating around the bush!


Another part that goes into asking is community! It’s not always about launching a product; it’s about building a community of like-minded individuals who will buy what you put out there! In order to build that community, you have to ask! Ask for the connections, collaborations and partnerships! You’re walking around the world with this greatness, and you’re scared to charge people for it! You’re helping everyone in the world, yet you’re too afraid to put a price on it! This is the reason why many non-profit businesses show up.


The bottom line is that you can have a better life the moment you decide to get up off your a$$ and ask! Ask for the help, ask for the business, and ask for the community! Scared money doesn’t make money! It’s time to play it big and invest in a better life!

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