The#1 thing keeping your small business, nonprofit or cause from growing is INCONSISITENCY on social media. A doctor can’t treat the SYMPTOMS…he’s got to treat the CAUSE.

SYMPTOM: We are INCONSISTENT on social media.

CAUSE: We don’t know what to post WHEN and WHERE.

Be CONSISTENT enough not just to get people to FOLLOW you…but to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.  And the key to being CONSISTENT is knowing in advance WHAT you are going to post. We have to understand how social media works – both engagement and how you invest in it. Without understanding, you’re just wasting your time. The POWER of social media is crucial especially to small businesses these days. Running a small business isn’t easy, but working for somebody else isn’t, either.

See years ago, you had to have a lot of money to start a small business. You needed Yellow Page and newspaper ads to compete. Now, ANYONE can start a business, jump online and announce their arrival.

…and they may be doing the EXACT SAME THING you are doing.

But that doesn’t negatively impact YOUR ability to do business. It’s Biblical:

#1 – What GOD has for YOU is for YOU.  What is assigned to you according to your faith cannot be taken from you by another man.

#2 – The Law of Abundance – There’s more than enough for EVERYBODY. We have to get out of our way and stop competing on MICRO levels, and start competing with these CORPORATIONS. That’s your REAL competition. It’s not the person next to you that’s the threat. Keep things in perspective.

As a small business owner, we must make INVESTMENTS in our business. The number one problem with small business owners is we spend more time just ON social media, rather than MAKING MONEY on social media. Somebody say OUCH!!! We have to reprioritize our time and energy.

Use social media to connect with your clients – if you don’t, you’ve lost a major opportunity to GENERATE REVENUE. Having FUN…leaving money on the table. Stop dragging your feet and start taking risks!!! When you want to generate revenue, you have to be PROACTIVE; we have to RISE UP to our own SUCCESS!!!

People say they want success…but do they want it enough to be CONSISTENT? Do you want “it” bad enough even when you don’t FEEL like doing it???

My goal is to be a coach for MILLIONAIRES. To convert my clients into high-earning million dollar clients. But everyone isn’t ready for the journey. The JOURNEY requires that you hear the TRUTH. It requires that you SHOW UP and ON TIME. I want to coach HIGH PERFORMANCE people.

Is that you???

We can’t just pray and give it over to GOD; we’ve got to pray and get to work!!!

When you pray for God to expand your territory, you have to get ready to do some traveling. NOTHING will be the same. But you’ve got to TAKE THE TRIP. Through hurt feelings, telling yourself the TRUTH about your CONSISTENCY (or lack thereof), about your situation. You have to understand YOUR role in where you are right now. It’s a huge hindrance to our growth when we don’t recognize or acknowledge our part.

We can’t blame HISTORY for our FUTURE.  Every day we have the chance to MOVE FORWARD. I refuse to miss the journey to leaving a LEGACY and GENERATIONAL WEALTH.

What about you?

Do your WORKS line up with your FAITH???

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