As I always say, “You don’t know what you DON’T KNOW!!!”

When I first started in business, I didn’t know the ins and outs of technology; it was the bane of my existence!!! To be honest, technology is a field where there are just not many women. It’s a male dominated field and industry. And if we’re smart, women will work to change that. Technology is one of the gaps that keep us from having the systems we need to generate money on the NEXT LEVEL.

Technology helps put things in ORDER, but it starts by getting a PLAN down on paper. If you don’t get it on paper, there’s no game!!! We can’t just write it down and announce that our business is here…there’s SYSTEMS to this – we have to put plans to paper and IMPLEMENT them.

Landing pages. Sales funnels. E-mail lists. Auto responders. Social media. Digital marketing strategies. All of these systems are TECHNOLOGY based, and necessary for your business to THRIVE!!!

When I started my business, it was run on a two-hamster system: Me and one other person doing everything MANUALLY. Can you imagine? It SLOWED everything down and hindered our ability to launch products and systems at the speed of light. We NEED someone with technological expertise on our team. Let’s face it – some of these companies give you the REAL DEAL when it comes to systems and software…but many DON’T.  Some of you have purchased 4-5 different software packages thinking they are going to make things easier, and by the time you figure them out, it ends up being harder than it was to do manually!!!

I had to realize that buying the software was NOT ENOUGH without having someone in place to piece together what I really NEEDED and what I didn’t.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: We have to get an understanding of our products, pen a profit plan, and get an understating of who we SERVE before we can even think about bringing technology into the mix. When we don’t map it out, we leave too much room for FRUSTRATION to settle in.

One of the number one reasons  why people say social media  and technology is difficult to deal with is we don’t understand WHO we serve and the problems they have to solve. We must have all of these pieces in place before technology can do its job.

Here’s an example: An expert can assist you with putting your landing page together, but if the landing page doesn’t say anything, is not meeting potential client’s needs, and not talking to their “pain points,” all you’ll have is a pretty landing page with NO TRAFFIC going to it. And even if you BUY the traffic, it’s not going to CONVERT.

We have to be able to talk to people about HOW we can SERVE them!!!


I’ve learned how to talk to people about what their problems are and articulate how to solve them. Until we can do that, in this crowded social media landscape, we are going to be fighting to tell our story. Fighting to be HEARD. Technology can only do so much for us; we need a VOICE. And it has to be a voice for the PEOPLE.

There are people in business who have a million dollar infrastructure, that aren’t making a DOLLAR. Some people learned how to ARTICULATE and CONNECT with the people, but when you check out their website, Baby….MESS!!!!  I should know.  In the beginning of Team Winningham, mine was, too. And we left so much money on the table because we had the PLAN, but did not have our TECHNOLOGY together.

My overhead was low, but the potential to serve so many more people was LOST because we didn’t have SYSTEMS in place. It’s not an overnight thing. It’s not one size fits all. There’s a level of TRIAL & ERROR involved. We have to be able to keep up. Stay in communication and conversations about technological advancements. Stay on top of it!!! Because guess what? Whatever conversations you had about technology in January 2017…90% of that has already CHANGED!!! Keep yourself aligned with consistent LEARNING. The things you were an expert on YESTERDAY, may not work for you TODAY.

INVEST in learning systems that WORK.

People need to be willing to go to the NEXT LEVEL. All of the excuses that you use about not loving technology, think about it: When you started that JOB, you didn’t know how to use that company’s technology, either!!! LOTUS NOTES, OUTLOOK, SERVERS, etc. And most JOB SYSTEMS are UGLY, too!!!


Technology can make your life so much EASIER. That’s MY goal for the next year – to have my TECHNOLOGY set up in a way that makes my life EASIER.

…and YOU should plan for it, too!!!!


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