Many of you may have been told that you should write a book…and it’s TRUE! You have so many reasons to WRITE it, too!!!

The NUMBER ONE reason you need to write your story:  It’s YOUR story!!! Do you know how flawed history is? History is full of made up stuff. If you don’t take the time to put YOUR version and your perspective of history on paper, when someone else tries to tell the story, they may not get it right.

Second, your story is your TESTIMONY! Do you have a TEST? Do you remember when you weren’t where you are right now? Do you remember how far GOD has brought you? Has GOD moved in your life? Has He changed things in your situation? Taken you to greater places? When you don’t put your story on paper, you are keeping a piece of your testimony from being told; a piece of your greatness from being released to the world.

Third, when you write a book, it’s LEGACY. I have 13 books on Amazon right now.  Because I took the time to WRITE them!!! When you leave this earth, your children will still have your STORY.  Leave something tangible in the world so even in your absence, you still exist. What is your proof that you were here when you’re GONE?  What will you leave other than a TO DO list?

Forth, you need to write the book to SAVE other people!!! YOUR books will be the gateway for somebody else in the future! YOUR book will be someone’s guiding light, but if you don’t write it, how can you lead someone to their destiny…even beyond your lifetime?   Not to mention all of the money you’re leaving on the table!!! Check this out: If you carry just a few books on you every day and sold 2-3 books a day, that’s $60 right there. And by the end of the year, you’ll see that you’ve left at least $18,000 on the table! Stop leaving money on the table and claiming you’re BROKE. WRITE THE BOOK and make your money.

Fifth, BOOKS may be your stepping stone to the next level. Sometimes, writing books is therapeutic. They help you to get on paper what it is that you need to be doing in life – and WHO you need to be SERVING. So why wouldn’t you write your book? Go ahead, get started!!!

…and speaking of STARTING:

Let’s talk STARTING. I STARTED my first book in 1997. I didn’t PUBLISH my first book, however, until 2011. 14 years. Some of you who have already STARTED writing your books need to admit that it’s not about the START…it’s about the FINISH. Admit you need help FINISHING the book!!! And get this – every time I write a book, I’m able to RELEASE some things. Writing books is THERAPUTIC.

Last, a lot of times, when we put things on paper it helps us to FORGIVE.  Forgive those who’ve done something to us. Those who thought we weren’t going to go anywhere in life, or treated us a certain way. Write the book for YOURSELF in order to FORGIVE.

The best way to ensure your story is told CORRECTLY is to write it yourself. That’s why I write so many books. If we don’t write it, folk will make stuff up on us!!!

Don’t let the historians say what they want about you – write your own memoirs. Don’t allow people to come up with stuff to say about you. Had Columbus written a book, there’d be no debate about the discovery of America. Listen, memoirs written by famous people SELL, but if you write your own in such a way to help the people that are behind you, it’s going to sell, too.

Many of you have been prophesized to that you would be writing a book, or you’ve been telling yourself for years that you’re going to do it. ACCOMPLISH the things that YOU SAY you want to do; stop coming up short on yourself! TIME is slipping away!!!

THIS YEAR has to be the year that we do what we say we’re going to do!


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