As much as I love Social Media, it’s not enough to share your business. Social Media has tricked us into thinking that all we need is to work ourmagic on the different platforms for our companies to make some noise and that’s simply NOT TRUE. Outside of Social Media, we have an obligation to our business and our clients not only to host LIVE EVENTS, but to attend LIVE EVENTS as well!!! So if you think Social Media is enough to SAVE your business without getting out there in these streets, you are sadly mistaken. Even I and my team are already carving out events that WE want to ATTEND next year!

If you remember, I told you that recently, I attended an event in San Diego where the tickets alone were $3,000. I took three of my team members with me: Hotel, tickets, airfare, etc. Do you know that by the time we returned back home, I made back TEN TIMES the $5,000 I spent INVESTING in that conference back – from just TWO new clients I acquired!!! There’s space and connections you make at LIVE EVENTS that you may never be able to get over the internet.

…but you’ve got to be at the RIGHT events!!!

Next year, my team will be in A LOT more places, showing our faces! There are CONNECTIONS that you make just being in the room that you can’t make on Social Media. And we want to be there for it ALL. Live streams are great, but there’s nothing like being able to TOUCH people and let them know who you REALLY ARE. Live events and your ability to bring people in a room together, under ONE CAUSE aren’t going anywhere. So we have to make ourselves AVAILABLE to move.

I am an EXECUTIONER. At the end of the day, you have to align yourself with people who do what they say they are going to do. I am one of those people. And I am telling all of you now (SPOILER ALERT) that in 2018, Team Winningham is going to multiple cities with 200-300 people packing out every room!!! WE’RE GOING TO DO IT!!! Starting February 1st in Houston, TX…stay tuned.

Listen, I have 150 thousand followers on Social Media. If I can get 150 of those followers to come see me LIVE, it changes EVERYTHING. Live events allow people that “see” you SEE that you are REAL. Once they see you, now you’ve got those hundreds of people in the room saying (and spreading the word): “She’s who she says she is in person.” That’s the NUMBER ONE thing folk say about ME. Live events speak to our AUTHENTICITY. You can play at home, but you can’t play IN PERSON!!!

I believe women are missing the camaraderie and partnerships that men have developed. How do we get there? Simple: We get it IN THE ROOM. The loyalty, the concern for each other’s BOTTOM LINE…you get that IN THE ROOM.

One thing that helps my brand continue to excel through the years is my ability to get along with other women. Through COLLABORATIONS and PARTNERSHIPS. See, I realize business is not a CRAB FIGHT. There’s enough money for all of us, and wherever I am, EVERYBODY is going to make money!!!

My goal is to become the MILLION DOLLAR MAKER!!!

I know how to make MILLIONS. I did it for Corporate America. I did it for myself. And now, I am doing it for other people. I’ve got the FORMULA. I KNOW what it looks like to generate that kind of revenue for myself…and I can do it for YOU.

That’s my goal: To go get that next level of woman that doesn’t mind getting punched in the chest!!! That doesn’t mind getting talked to crazy!!! Because business ain’t about your FEELINGS…it’s about the BOTTOM LIME!!! It’s about your LEGACY…GENERATIONAL WEALTH…your MILLIONS!!! It’s about understanding that the MILLION DOLLAR level of money is available to ALL of us, not just one of us. And the closer we work TOGETHER, the more of us will make MILLIONS!!!

…somebody catch that!

What’s going to make me a BILLIONAIRE is my ability to show other people their MILLIONS!!! But you have to be IN THE ROOM to get it!

Sometimes, you have to step away from the everyday hustle and bustle to get new ideas and new perspectives…and GET IN THE ROOM.

Are you going to play it safe on Social Media…or are you going to TAKE THE TRIP into the room?

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