So, who is down for MORE MONEY in 2018?

Wrap your mind around how much money you can really generate in the next year. Just the THOUGHT will open the FLOODGATES of BLESSINGS!!!

First things first: You’ve got to draw the line in the sand and say to yourself: I want to generate more money REGARDLESS. I’m going to SHOW UP in spite of; I’m going to PERSIST in spite of. Until you take that stand, it won’t happen!!!

Everybody talks about MANIFESTATION, but nobody talks about the WORK!!!

Someone floated into my inbox recently, offering manifestation kits. My thought was: When are you going to tell the people they have to do the WORK? There’s more to business than saying “I want it,” and saying “Let me pray for it.” At some point…you’ve got to do the WORK. And it begins with securing a PROFIT PLAN. The profit plan can’t just be a VISION BOARD and then you STOP. The profit plan must have an EARNINGS threshold. And guess what? EVERYBODY has the same earning capacity!!! The differentiator between who IS and who IS NOT going to earn the money is left up to YOUR ability to PUSH!!!

Do you have the RIGHT STRATEGIES to PUSH???

I was asked the question: Can you say your life has changed significantly since starting live streams? I can say an EMPHATIC YES!!! I’ve generated more EARNINGS, gained more FOLLOWERS, and secured more CLIENTS since going LIVE. The one thing the person DIDN’T ask me was HOW. I mean, anyone can go LIVE, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to generate the same amount of revenue or clients that I have.

What’s your HOW?


There is a STRATEGY to everything that you do. The number one thing you should INVEST in is a MIND SHIFT.  Sometimes, you have to have someone look at you and say that you are capable of generating MORE. And sometimes, you have to have someone to show you HOW.

We are creatures of HABIT. If we’re used to working a job, we continue working that job until someone comes along and shows us the STRATEGY to LEAVE it. That’s where your 2018 PROFIT PLAN comes in.

A lot of times, we sell ourselves short. Maya Angelou said you teach people how to treat you; I say you teach people how to PAY you!!! Now think about going after 2018 with GUSTO and how you’re going to get there….

You may think it’s SCARY, but there’s nothing scarier than being BROKE!!! There’s nothing scarier than am empty bank account and not being able to generate revenue. Not only is it scary being BROKE…it’s MISERABLE!!!

Remember: There’s no such thing as JOB SECURITY!!! No one’s job is SAFE. The ONLY that’s safe is YOUR ability to generate money.  So INVEST in LEARNING how from someone who can lead you there. Get out of the crowd!!! If you don’t know how to make money, you’ve got to LEARN.

Some of us limit our revenue to what we can create at a JOB. But a job is not CREATED revenue. It’s NEGOTIATED revenue!!! When you start to CREATE your own revenue streams, you can GENERATE as much as you need!!!

You have to walk in your VALUE. Walk in the POWER of your own ability to generate WEALTH.

When I first started my business, it cost me my first $50 THOUSAND DOLLARS to figure out who NOT to do business with. How many of you went into business with somebody, and it turned out to be a BAD DEAL? Signed up with someone to do your website, edit or publish your book, manage your graphic designs…and it turned out HORRIBLY? Having a solid PROFIT PLAN will help!!! And all it takes is three steps:

#1 – Put the plan on PAPER.

#2 – Get the tools and GPS your path on how to get there.


Sidebar: Employ STRATEGY/Be PROACTIVE/WRITE things down

Many of you have MILLIONS of dollars sitting at your feet. YOU have a story that’s worth MILLIONS!!! I show you how to pick up your millions!!! GOD gave everybody a GIFT – all you have to do is USE IT. Get your FEARS and PROCRASTINATION out of the way!!! Get rid of that spirit of PERFECTION…use what GOD gave you!!!

Before I made my first million, I wrote it down on paper. WRITE IT DOWN. Then give your money an ASSIGNMENT. Until you give your money an assignment…you are not operating in FAITH!!! You wrote it down, but you haven’t ASSIGNED the money anywhere. (i.e., INVESTMENTS).

Open your mind to a new level of EARNING. You can’t keep navigating life on what you DON’T KNOW.

Put the PLAN ON PAPER and get ready to FLY!!!!

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