Thomas Edison said the MIND is expanded by NEW IDEAS!!!

It’s TRUE. You can never return from where you came once you have been exposed to the SHIFT.I found this to be true even where I am going in my personal life.

The question today is: CAN YOU SEE YOUR MILLIONS? Because you have to be able to SEE them. See, it’s hard to convince some people of their PROMISE. Facts. But if YOU can SEE the PROMISE, you’ll do whatever it takes to bring it into FRUITION. You’ll be willing to INVEST whatever is required, spend the TIME required, and pour all it takes into working for the MANIFESTATION…even when you’re AFRAID.
There are a lot of people who say they WANT millions. But when it comes to the actual STEPS required to obtain them…they fall SHORT. Today, I am going to give you six tips that will help you SEE and GET your MILLIONS!!!

#1 – Forget the PAST!!!  Stop beating yourself up.

#2 – FORGIVE the past and UNDERSTAND the pivotal role it played in getting you where you are right now.

#3 – NO EXCUSES going forward for you to generate the level of REVENUE to take care of YOU and your FAMILY!!! We’ve made EXCUSES and REASONS far too long. I see plenty of people PRAYING for the money…but I don’t see those same folk making a PLAY for the money!!!

If you really WANT your millions…YOU GOTTA SHOW UP!!!

We can’t keep saying we WANT to be a millionaire, knowing we don’t have the KNOWLEDGE. GET HELP.

I want to be the person to lead you to the PROMISED LAND of your earnings…but I can’t lead you if you don’t SHOW UP.

#4 – You don’t have the money because you don’t UNDERSTAND money.

#5 – You don’t UNDERSTAND your VALUE.

These two work TOGETHER. Because when you don’t understand money or your value, money ESCAPES you!!! I am on a mission to teach people who want to WIN. Without UNDERSTANDING, you are going to STAY where you are!!!

#6 – You can’t CLAIM things and not have the STRATEGY or the MINDSET to get them. UNDERSTANDING. The Bible says in ALL thy getting…get an UNDERSTANDING!!!


How do you expect to be a farmer of you are not INVESTING in SEEDS?

Nothing is the same for me as it was in January of last year. Strategies have changed, mindset SHIFTED, even my PRICING has been adjusted. Through the PROCESS, I can SEE my millions…can YOU see YOURS?

One of my main hashtags for next year is #takethetrip. Take the trip – to your DESTINATION. Take the trip to the places you have been ASSIGNED to go!!! Are you going with me? Remember: Nothing I do is ever to HARM you.  Everything I do is to HELP you!!!

It’s critical to UNDERSTAND MONEY. You can make $100 in five minutes; imagine making $100,000 in ONE MONTH. When you get into one of my classes/programs, there is a RETURN on your INVESTMENT. If your INVESTMENT is ZERO…your RETURN is ZERO.

Can YOU still see your MILLIONS? Do you think you can make it to your million dollar goal without HELP?

INVEST and start looking for your MILLIONS. No one is going to look for you!!! It’s time to SHIFT. You cannot shift people and not shift YOURSELF.

As I make the million dollars viewable for myself, I am making them viewable for others.

Are you ready to go on this journey? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to earn a million dollars?



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