Finally! THE class you need to potentially move YOUR business in front of THOUSANDS each day! Class begins Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 7:30 PM CST








I will be the first to admit, it took me a minute to embrace the camera and get used to being in front of SO many people, so often. But when I saw how it took my business to literally TEN TIMES the size that it was before, I couldn’t argue with the power of video… And you can’t either!

If you’re ready to be a cyber rock-star, this class is PERFECT for you. You don’t want to miss this deal!

Live stream has been a virtually UNTAPPED gateway for me to move my business in front of thousands a year so that I could:

Explode my email list 4x to over 30K subscribers


Explode my client list from 100’s to tens of thousands that buy my products each year


Received access to multiple high profile and high paying speaking engagements


Received MULTIPLE invites to speak for pay internationally both virtually and in person


Exploded my Social Media following by an ADDITIONAL 100k followers


Published SIX books with SIX more still waiting to be finalized


Hosted over 20 sold out courses ranging from 25K – 135K earning for EACH course.


Hosted over 40 sold out workshops ranging in number from 100 – 250 attendees


Grow my mailing lists TIMES FIVE with MOSTLY paying clients


SELL OUT to Several LIVE events with over 100 LIVE attendees and over 200 LIVE STREAM attendees


And last but not least the sheer revenue I have generated via live stream (well over 1 million) has been insane.

Not only have I trained MORE Live Stream VIPs than ANY other Live Stream trainer, but I have TONS of testimonials from individuals about their overall live stream success. Here are just a few.

Using the strategies Dawniel teaches in her livestream classes I was not only able to grow my audience AND my email list by thousands but I was able to convert those followers into ACTUAL paying customers generating close to 100k my FIRST YEAR as a full time entrepreneur! Dawniel pulls back the curtain and gives you a clear, easy to follow plan that WORKS when you do the work! 

Kiarra Solomon

NEW Stay at Home Mom

Livestream is so much more than just about hitting the “Go Live” button. You must have a STRATEGY, otherwise you are just providing entertainment. Working with Dawniel Wininingham helped me develop a real livestream strategy that has resulted in my revenues doubling over the past 12 months.

Vanessa Collins

“With over 150k followers on social media and having attended hundreds of live networking events Dawniel and her clients have generated millions of dollars using some of these same tactics. The methods shown in this workshop have helped Dawniel and her client form formidable partnerships and joint ventures and when utilized will help YOU do the same.”

With me, you can learn all of this in 16 weeks! What’s more, you learn how to be a pioneer! Other live streaming platforms aside from YouTube are catching up rather quickly. You should jump on the train while it’s still in the station! As of right now, live stream only consists of .79% of all Facebook volume, but it encompasses 10% of all Facebook views! I tend to post about a class or webinar about an hour before the class. I will then go live using the same information that I put in the non-video post, and it will get more engagement than the non-video post! Given the amount of engagement that such posts get, I’m here to tell you the biggest part.

It was free to post! But Live stream may NOT be FREE forever!

A social media platform the size of Facebook will not allow this to remain free for long, I’m sure they see the potential! Will you capitalize on that potential while it’s free, or will you just follow the pack and the pioneers?

Based on YOUR business profits do YOU have time to wait?

You have the CHANCE to change your business

You have a CHANCE to change lives

You have a CHANCE to live the lifestyle you have dreamed of

You have a CHANCE to EXPLODE your revenue

WILL you take the chance?

Go LIVE Bonus Pack

The Bonus pack that takes away ALL of the excuses from going live…

Your Bonus Package valued at OVER $900 INCLUDES:

Ultimate eBook Writing Guide

I don’t have a product – Well now you do! Use this guide to create your FIRST book/ebook. Gets you THAT much closer to writing a book that represents your business and generates MORE revenue!

Periscope Scope Stars

What if I don’t WANT to wait until class is over to go live – This guide gives you the FOUNDATION you need to get started streaming NOW! An interactive training to get you started live streaming NOW!

Time To Make Money

I don’t have TIME to go live! This guide will help you FIND the TIME to go LIVE. A course designed to help you prioritize your day so that you can maximize your time AND your money!

Plan to Profit

I don’t know WHAT to go live about!  This guide will help you and your live stream content stay relevant. A 12 month marketing presentation that helps you put your business profits into perspective on a monthly basis!

Dream Team MasterClass

I need support when I go live! This guide will teach you to build TEAM you need online and off! EVERY employedpreneur MUST have a team who is working their dreams while YOU are at work. THIS is how you build a quality team for FREE or on a Super Budget.

Slay Social Media

What do I do with the REST of my social media?  This guide will help you make the BEST of EACH social media platform. The training as it relates to leveraging multiple social media platforms for success and getting your business off to a running start!



This is an ACTION SPORT, it requires you to move your feet and take action! The methods you learn in this class will not work unless you do. This program is NOT for quitters. Each participant is expected to make your weekly payments AND complete the course in its entirety. Any payment modifications made AFTER the payment series starts and for ANY reason will result in a $50 administrative fee PER modification. Each person participating in this course agrees to these terms. By completing the application to save your seat, you agree that you are responsible for the TOTAL cost of this program. If you leave the program, you will be charged for the balances owed and the cost of any bonuses. 

Basic Lifestyle

For the business owner who has EVERYTHING but needs to learn Live Stream Marketing


16 Week Course includes:

  • 16 recorded lesson modules so you can learn at your own speed
  • 8 Biweekly LIVE Q and A Sessions to get your questions answered directly from Coach
  • Assigned Teams for Support going live so you don’t have to go it alone
  • Introduction into a community of Individuals who are ALREADY live stream professionals

You will learn:

  • How to make the time to go live so that you can be consistent
  • Choosing the RIGHT live stream platforms for better client engagement
  • Creating the content that brings clients to YOU, instead of you chasing clients
  • How to explode your mailing list so that you have additional opportunities to create clients
  • How to drive traffic to your website so that you have an opportunity for additional sales
  • Creating enough content so that you NEVER have to wonder what to stream about
  • How to USE Live Stream to easily grow your other social media channels
  • How to engage and grow your following on live stream
  • How to convert Live stream viewers to followers
  • Creating a Live Stream Marketing Calendar that makes sense
  • How to maximize video creation
  • How to have your videos syndicated for maximum exposure
  • Special Bonus: Now with LinkedIn Video Training

Fast Lifestyle

Class + BootCamp


  • 16 week course
  • BONUS access to the BYOB (Build Your Own Business) Event in the city of your choice
  • BONUS access to the Earn a Million Mentorship in the city of your choice

$2999 or Two Payments of $1600 

Premium Lifestyle

We build it for you.



  • Instant Empire Systems Build (Click here for Instant Empire Information)
  •  9 Month Earn a Million Mentorship
  • 1 Year M.D. Level of Unlimited Coaching University (Click here for benefits)
  • BONUS access to the 2018 BYOB (Build Your Own Business) Event in the city of your choice
  • BONUS access to the Earn a Million Mentorship Event in the city of your choice

Still not sure?

Give us a call ASAP and let’s discuss the BEST option for you to MOVE YOUR business forward and LEAVE your job behind! EVEN if you are no longer WORKING a JOB, STOP being BROKE in BUSINESS!

Click here to speak with one of our staff members.

Your Coach


Dawniel Winningham

Dawniel Winningham

Your Coach

Dawniel Patterson Winningham is America’s Leading Quit Coach. She is a Former JP Morgan Chase Vice President, Certified Executive Coach, Master Sales, Master Business, and Master Life Coach who left corporate America to live her dream of helping others live their dreams. She is the best-selling author of multiple books (her most recent book Passion, Purpose, and Profit debut at number one in five categories on Amazon). She has been featured in over 100 magazines (Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Essence Magazine) and online publications (Huffington Post,, worldwide. Each day she empowers 1000’s of women via LIVE stream to QUIT their JOB and live their dreams with practical tips and techniques and a mindset shift to match! Dawniel Winningham As Seen On

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