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I hear you loud and clear, sis …


You’re religiously clocking into a job you hate. Or just as bad, you are working your business but you’re not making the money you know you deserve.


Besides that you’re not living the “good” life you thought you’d have by now.


I understand and I’m here to drop a little truth on you …

The life you’re living right now is a direct result of your actions.

Now, before you get all up in your feelings, know this: Abundance is within your reach because money is everywhere.

You see, I know this to be true.

I spent 15 years as vice president at one of the world’s leading banks, and I’ve watched billions of dollars flow in and out of people’s hands.

So, trust me when I say,

there is NO shortage of money

in this world. 

Before I break this down even further, let me first tell you who I am:

I’m Dawniel Winningham, Master Business Coach and International Speaker. Each year, I meet thousands of women, both online and off, who would be millionaires if only they knew how to monetize their genius. You know – all the relationship and business advice, essay and book revisions, fitness coaching and so much more they’re offering for FREE or at a price well below their worth.

Now, here’s where I really need you to listen.

Because the women I meet justify giving away their gifts

or not charging their worth by saying,

“I’m just blessed to be a blessing” or

I’ll be blessed for giving so much to others.”

So, what’s your excuse?

While you think about this, let me give you a little truth from the Bible:

“Faith without works is dead.”


And WORK without a price tag is FREE.

Bottom line: It’s time to stop stealing from your family AND from yourself and finally put a WORTHY price tag on your genius?

And in my new course,

The Power of M.E. (Monetize Everything),

I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

The POWER of M.E. is a HANDS-ON group coaching course that is virtually guaranteed to FINALLY get you paid for the things you’re ALREADY doing, but have YET to DEMAND a fee for.

The Profitable Product Creator

This course will help you turn your advice, knowledge and expertise into books, ebooks and MORE potentially lucrative products, earning you thousands and moving you AWAY from being a #brokepreneur. And SO much more!

No shade, but it’s time to stop with all the high-level theories and get stuff done.

And that’s what I deliver.

You see, THIS course is not gaining more knowledge, strategies and theories, many of you have plenty of that. THIS course is about EXECUTION. About pulling the trigger. About getting it done.

This course is NOT about doing MORE, it is about EARNING MORE for what you are ALREADY doing! Did I mention this course is NOT for you if you are NOT ready to SHOW up and SHOW out?

If you are NOT ready to PUSH and DEMAND your worth, keep signing up for those OTHER courses that are bleeding you dry and leaving you with NOTHING to show for it.

Regardless your business type, you can rest assured that you are leaving MONEY on the table.

THIS course is going to NOT ONLY help you get paid for your genius (and make your bank account smile like the Kool-Aid kid) but you will end the course with something tangible to market and sell (that is, if you do the work).

NO MORE class is over and you don’t quite understand what was taught so you procrastinate launching your dreams and charging your worth for another day!


If you were to only charge $99 for services, you are doing for free and had only 2 clients a week (and that’s very passive) that’s an extra $10,400 dollars each year! If you were to FINALLY write that book you’ve been procrastinating in starting and only sold 10 copies a week at $20 – that’s an extra $10,400 each year!


What about all of that ADVICE you are giving for FREE? If you were to monetize them at the rate of 5 a week for $99 – that’s an extra $25,000 each year!  10 years  from now you are an extra $250,000 to the good.


Sis, there is no such thing as a get RICH scheme. But you can truly nickel and dime your way to thousands and thousands of dollars by being MORE thoughtful about what you ARE doing and using MORE of what you know to serve the world. Think about it, but don’t overthink it.

We about to Get ‘er done! A better life for you and your family isn’t going to just fall out the sky. You’ve got to take action and capitalize on opportunities of a lifetime like this to change your circumstances.

Your LIFETIME starts now. Class starts August 18, 2018 at 9 AM. As I see it, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Join us on August 18 at 9 AM CDT and do the work to make more money and build a legacy of wealth for your family.
  2. OR do nothing and continue on the struggle-to-make-ends-meet road you’ve been on for years.The choice is yours. But I know if you are REALLY tired, you will make the right decision.

See YOU in class!

Register for The Power of M.E. 16-Week Masterclass by Choosing Any Payment Option Below:


BASIC INCLUDES: 16-Week Course

Sessions will be Weekly for 10 weeks so that you can absorb this new model over time.

Bi-weekly I will personally facilitate 8 heavy-duty Q& A sessions to keep you executing.

You will receive a dedicated FB Study Group to help you engage and mastermind with other students

And you will be welcomed into a community of like minded an supportive individuals to guide you on this journey.

$900 or 59 down and $59 weekly 




16-Week Course Bonus Access to Present in 3 cities for BYOB. Regularly $1000 per city. It’s like receiving your class for no charge!

$2999 or Three Payments of $1225


INCLUDES: BONUS access to the 2018 MillioNetworking Event in the city of your choice BONUS access to the 7 Product Creation BootCamp in the city of your choice

Still not sure?

Give us a call ASAP and let’s discuss the BEST option for you to MOVE YOUR business forward and LEAVE your job behind! EVEN if you are no longer WORKING a JOB, STOP being BROKE in BUSINESS!  Click here to speak with one of our staff members.

*Please note that due to the effort involved in the production of these programs that there are NO refunds offered. WE fully expect you to show up, do your work, and build a profitable business, however there is NO guarantee of your results as EACH business and each individual is different in their retention of knowledge and their commitment to doing the work. I understand by completing this payment arrangement that there are no refunds for this course. I understand by completing this payment arrangement that there are no refunds for this course.

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