6 Figure Branding, Targeting and Networking


In these 4 audio calls, you will learn important tips on branding your business, targeting your audience and growing your business through networking and building powerful relationships. If you’re ready to grow your business and represent it the RIGHT way, this is PERFECT for you!

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So what is branding and why is it important?
• It is so much more than your logo.
• It is your promise to your customers about the product or service that you’re going to deliver; whatever you name your business is part of how customers are going to be able to recognize who you are and what you offer.

Why is it important to network?
Everyone says your network is your net worth. The more people you have interactions with, the more people you can speak about business or whatever your interests are. It’s a great way to grow your business and reputation. You don’t know whose problem you can solve until you’re out in the world meeting people.

How do you define your target client? How do you reach out to your target audience?
It is impossible that everyone is your target audience or client. When you try to market to everyone, your business voice gets convoluted.


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