THE POWER OF M.E. (Monetize Everything) – Class + Bootcamp


One Payment of $2999, two Payments of $1600 OR $249 Weekly with MD level of Unlimited Livestream University (One-year commitment to ULU required. Click here to see PHD level benefits)



The Cash-Generating Coach Remix
For those of you who are offering FREE advice about health, business, relationship, life, parenting and so much more the POWER of M.E. will help you NOT ONLY receive official certification for what you are doing (saving you thousands by using my insider tips and resources) but it will also show you how to build a curriculum that people will pay you for!

The Show Up and Get Paid Speaker
For those of you who are TIRED of showing up to speak and are PAID enough honorarium to fund the GAS on your ride home, this course will NOT only teach you how to develop your platform as a speaker but it will show you how to target those speaking events and opportunities so you do get PAID!

The Profitable Product Creator
This course will help you turn your advice, knowledge and expertise into books, ebooks and MORE potentially lucrative products, earning you thousands and moving you AWAY from being a #brokepreneur. And SO much more!


  • BONUS access to the MillioNetworking Event in the city of your choice
  • BONUS access to the 7-Product Creation Bootcamp in the city of your choice
  • and SO much more!


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