New Money Millionaires

$39.00 / month

Tired of being alone in the entrepreneur world and trying to figure it ALL out by yourself? Now giving you access to EVEN MORE Do it yourself workshops and videos to make growing YOUR brand and business (and don’t forget making more money) EASIER than ever. NEW** EACH MONTH we will add minimum of FIVE new workshops, videos and educational items to the portal so that you can study and learn WHATEVER YOU LIKE; WHENEVER YOU LIKE!

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Benefits include:

  • New** Each month coach will offer you a minimum of ONE FREE workshop to help further improve YOUR business skills
  • Additional Workshops will be offered at a substantial discount for community members
  • FIRST ACCESS to purchase tickets to LIVE Events along with a membership discount
  • 25% off Special Virtual “Store” for the products and services you need to grow your business
  • Special opportunities to EARN revenue when referring others to the program by becoming an affiliate.
  • Priority Seating at Live Events so that you can be treated like a VIP when your face is in the place.
  • Substantial Discounts for Virtual Events
  • Special Access to special no replay Videos so that you can stay in the loop even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to.
  • Access to special only products, services and tools so that you don’t have to “guess” about the quality of the services you receive to grow your business.
  • Quarterly Meet and Greet events for you to get to better know your community and how you can serve each other. This will include the opportunity to meet members of my other coaching courses which will potentially expand your contacts by the hundreds.
  • Be the first to know about special opportunities to partner with me on International Events that will further grow your brand.
  • The Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement you need to FINALLY take your LIFE and BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • Monthly Book of the Month Club and the opportunity to have YOUR book featured to hundreds of community members (application and 6 month minimum for selection. Business books receive priority in being featured.)
  • And so much more!

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