Money Madness Bundle


It’s a super time to MAKE MAD MONEY and what better way to start than with this amazing resource bundle from Coach Dawniel! Included are two of our best selling profit resources. If you’re ready to MAKE MAD MONEY and be a SIX FIGURE EARNER, this bundle is PERFECT for you!

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Charge Your Worth

Here are the facts. 1 in 3 startups fail. Women are more likely to charge LESS than their worth than men.
Women do 75% of the worlds work but only have 10% of the world’s wealth & 1% of the worlds land. Women grow ¾ of the world’s food but only have, here again, 10% of the world’s wealth & 1% of the worlds land. Why? Because they don’t charge their worth!

100 Ways to Make Money

Can you say BROKE NO MORE? In this special session Dawniel Winningham gives you OVER 100 ways to make money, MOST from home and MOST that require no special talents! In addition you receive OVER 30 tools and services to get your NEW idea out into the world! If you’re ready to make your dreams happen, this course is PERFECT to help you monetize your passion!


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