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THE COURSE For Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual and OTHER speakers who want to learn how to make their VOICE in the world profitable both ONLINE AND OFF!

Whether you have been speaking since BEFORE microphones were invented or if you are JUST looking to step on the stage this course is for you!

The WORLD is full of people who are trying to get their voice heard, trying to further their cause, or trying to educate or motivate people for a living.

But if you get PAST the numbers that are doing it, and ask the REAL QUESTION, HOW MANY of them ARE REALLY making money, I wonder what the answer will be.

There are TWO REASONS!

  1. Is that MANY speakers don’t know HOW to ASK to be paid.
  2. The NEXT is that MANY speakers don’t know HOW to be found.

You see EVEN if you KNOW how to get paid, but you can’t get found, then that’s a problem. AND even if you CAN get FOUND but you don’t know how to get PAID then that’s a problem. I have a SOLUTION to BOTH of those problems.


Before livestream I STRUGGLED to make 100 – 200k. My PRIMARY funnel was speaking engagements but that kept me on the road so much that the travel was no longer fun, it was just a tour of airports.

I did a TON of discovery calls for people who WEREN’T ready.

It’s super convenient. You get to live stream from WHEREVER you are.

I SCHLEPPED (and yes that’s a word) from networking event to networking event with little results.

It’s super easy once you know the blueprint.

Then along came live stream. Live stream NOT ONLY exploded my ability to EARN MORE.

It helps you build an AMAZINGLY engaged and HIGHLY committed audience (meaning they buy your stuff).

It EASILY supports multiple streams of income such as digital products, books, courses, workshops and SO MUCH MORE!

Since livestream I have been able to:

  1. Received access to multiple high profile and high paying speaking engagements.
  2. Received MULTIPLE invites to speak for pay internationally both virtually and in person.
  3. Exploded my Social Media following by an ADDITIONAL 100k followers.
  4. Published SIX books with SIX more still waiting to be finalized.
  5. Hosted over 20 sold out courses ranging from 25k – 135k earning for EACH course.
  6. Hosted over 40 sold out workshops ranging in number from 100 – 250 attendees.
  7. Grow my mailing lists TIMES FIVE with MOSTLY paying clients.
  8. SELL OUT to Several LIVE events with over 100 LIVE attendees and over 200 LIVE STREAM attendees.
  9. And last but not least the sheer revenue I have generated via live stream (well over 1 million) has been insane.

Speak Money Boot camp will NOT ONLY show you how USE livestream to BUILD your own speaking platform, but it will also teach you the coveted offline model for finding speaking engagements.

In this course you will learn:

  1. EXACTLY who your target is
  2. How to identify schools, corporations, organizations, and events that fit YOUR target.
  3. How to add versatility to your Speaking Topics.
  4. How to negotiate your speaking pay.
  5. How to get paid BEYOND the stage for live events.
  6. WHEN to speak for free (oh yes, there are times).
  7. How to line up your social media and branding so that you are a stand out in your industry.
  8. How to develop a Speaker Sheet that speaks VOLUMES!.
  9. How to develop your personal speaker kit that gets you GIGS!.
  10. How to develop QUALITY testimonials EVEN if you have NEVER been on major stages.
  11. How to LOOK like money so you can MAKE MONEY.

And SO much more!

Don’t MISS this opportunity to go where few others HAVE or will ever go. Check out some of the testimonials from my current clients about what live stream and has done for their business and sign up TODAY.

This course is ONLY for those who are SERIOUS about being a break out and earning REAL MONEY in the speaking industry. THOSE who are serious about investing in quality advice from someone who has been there and done that. THOSE who SEE the potential in what I am offering and are READY to make it happen.

PEOPLE who REFUSE to allow EXCUSES to shape their destiny.

The pricing on this course is introductory. If the course becomes as popular as we think it will, this price is sure to increase if not double by the next time you have this opportunity so ACT NOW!




16-Week Course

Sessions will be Bi-Weekly for 16 weeks
so that you can absorb this new model over time.

Bi-weekly I will personally facilitate
8 heavy-duty Q& A sessions to
keep you executing.

You will receive a dedicated FB Study Group to help you engage and mastermind with other students

And you will be welcomed into a community of like minded an
supportive individuals to
guide you on this journey.

$900 or 59 down and $59 weekly 




16-Week Course

Bonus Access to Present in 3 cities for BYOB. Regularly $1000 per city. It’s like receiving your class for no charge!

$2999 or Three Payments of $1225




BONUS access to the 2018 MillioNetworking Event in
the city of your choice

BONUS access to the
7 Product Creation BootCamp
in the city of your choice

*Please note that due to the effort involved in the production of these programs that there are NO refunds offered. WE fully expect you to show up, do your work, and build a profitable business, however there is NO guarantee of your results as EACH business and each individual is different in their retention of knowledge and their commitment to doing the work. I understand by completing this payment arrangement that there are no refunds for this course.

Still not sure?

Give us a call ASAP and let’s discuss the BEST option for you to MOVE YOUR business forward and LEAVE your job behind! EVEN if you are no longer WORKING a JOB, STOP being BROKE in BUSINESS!

Click here to speak with one of our staff members.

Your Coach


Dawniel Winningham

Dawniel Winningham

Your Coach

Dawniel Patterson Winningham is America’s Leading Quit Coach. She is a Former JP Morgan Chase Vice President, Certified Executive Coach, Master Sales, Master Business, and Master Life Coach who left corporate America to live her dream of helping others live their dreams. She is the best-selling author of multiple books (her most recent book Passion, Purpose, and Profit debut at number one in five categories on Amazon). She has been featured in over 100 magazines (Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Essence Magazine) and online publications (Huffington Post, Careerbuilder.com, Todayshow.com) worldwide. Each day she empowers 1000’s of women via LIVE stream to QUIT their JOB and live their dreams with practical tips and techniques and a mindset shift to match! Dawniel Winningham As Seen On

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